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It’s the World Cup Quarter Final phase already.  Settle in as the next installment of the South America vs Europe shootout commences with Brazil looking to take out Belgium. And the prize for the winner? A slot in the World Cup Semi-Finals. And of course, BetSharper is here to give you some free expert betting advice. Read on to find out how you can play Brazil vs Belgium odds to predict the game outcome. And beat your bookmaker.

Brazil vs Belgium Chance of Winning

When you think of Brazil you think of high energy, bucket-loads of entertainment delivered with samba style. However, for this World Cup Brazil is, dare I say it, ruthlessly efficient! Extracting the right results with maximum efficiency. Brazil coasted to a Round of 16 win against Mexico and have conceded just 1 goal in their last 6 games.

Although Belgium’s form in their last 6 games is impressive (played 6, won 6), their Round of 16 tussle with Japan was an energy sapping experience for all concerned. They remain one of Europe’s top performers, but even after a few day off to recover, will they have enough gas in the tank to deliver against the Brazilians who appear to be peaking just at the right time?

The stats don’t lie, Brazil are clearly favorites.

Brazil vs Belgium - Chance of Winning Match Infographic

And its not just Brazil vs Belgium, its Neymar vs Hazard. Are we about to close down the argument for 3rd best player?

I’m sure a certain 19-year old Frenchman has something to say about that. But regardless, we all agree that both Martinez and Belgium need everything to come together to have a chance.

But back to the game itself…….

Brazil vs Belgium – The Banker

While we all like to talk about the offensive brilliance of the likes of Neymar, Coutinio etc, the real story is the Brazilian defense is fast becoming a rock. From the shock of THAT result 4 years ago, they have conceded just 1 in their last 6 games!

BetSharper expects placing a bet on Brazil to win without conceding should result in cash in the bank.

And the most recent bookmaker odds on ‘Brazil to win to Nil‘ seem to be giving away great value. Placing a $10 bet on this banker, will return you $34.

Brazil vs Belgium - The Banker PredictionFor those looking to balance risk and reward, wagering as little as $10 can help you build your bankroll for the later stages of the tournament.

Brazil vs Belgium – The Money Maker

And on the topic of balancing defensive protection with attacking. That balance has implications. More emphasis on controlling games, maintaining a shape and winning efficiently has impacted Brazil’s offensive capabilities.

Although they maintain a great win/loss ratio, the volume of goals scored has reduced from historic levels. In 4 of the last 6 games, Brazil has won 2 : 0 and BetShaper expects that pattern to be maintained.

BetSharper’s Money Maker prediction is for Brazil to win 2 – 0. The most recent bookmaker odds on  Brazil to win 2 – 0 are giving great value. Placing a $10 bet on this outcome will net you $100!

Brazil vs Belgium - The Money Maker Prediction$100 returns in your pocket, and World Cup now left with only big games, life is good:) Kudos for using your new source of sharp advice (BetSharper), to win big.

Brazil vs Belgium Odds & Predictions

We at BetSharper hope our sharp indicators on this game will help you predict the outcome of Brazil vs Belgium. And that you use our sharp handicapping skills to power your World Cup wagering. By forecasting the victors and beating your bookmaker to that cash payout.

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