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It’s the World Cup Semi Final phase. The world is watching as the European’s battle it out for supremacy. France are looking to take out Belgium on the other side of the draw. On this side, it’s England turn to take on Croatia at the Luzhniki Stadium. And the prize for the winner? A slot in the World Cup Final!

And of course, BetSharper is here to give you some free expert betting advice. Read on to find out how you can play Croatia vs England odds to predict the game outcome. And beat your bookmaker.

Croatia vs England Chance of Winning

Croatia ended Russia’s unlikely World Cup dream when they won 4-3 on penalties. This eliminated the gallant hosts after their quarter-final match ended 2-2 following extra time. It took Croatia a draining 120 mins and penalties to put the Russians to the sword. Will they recover in time from back-to-back penalty shoot-out wins to go toe-to-toe with the Three Lions?

And speaking of England, Gareth Southgate’s men had an all together less stressful Quarter Final tie, dominating what has in the past been a bogey team in Sweden. This youthful England shows no signs of succumbing to the mental woes that have hurt England sides over the last 6 decades. Could this be their year?

So how are the game stats looking? Croatia vs England - Chance of Winning Match Infographics

If nothing else, the stats represent the amount of energy expanded over the last week with the Croats requiring two penalty shoot-out wins in the knock-out phase to England’s one. Can Modric and co make up the difference?

And what about those England fans that decided to celebrate the win over Sweden in the most unorthodox way!

Crashing an Ikea isn’t big, and isn’t clever, but it was funny and must have been more satisfying than those famous Ikea meatballs!:) Enough about the Quarters, let’s get back to the Semi-Final……

Croatia vs England – The Banker

He might have a funny shaped head, but he’s proven once again to be a goal machine in this World Cup. He has 6 in 5 games and BetSharper fancies him to score at least his 7th World Cup goal as he looks to power the Three Lions to their first World Cup final in decades.

This is why BetSharper expects placing a bet on Kane to Score Anytime should result in the best chance of a win.

And the most recent bookmaker odds on ‘Kane to Score Anytime‘ seem to be giving away great value. Placing a $10 bet on this banker, will return you $22.50.

Croatia vs England - The Banker predictionFor those looking to balance risk and reward, wagering as little as $10 can help you build your bankroll for the upcoming final.

Croatia vs England – The Money Maker

Gareth Southgate has England playing in a different way. They have smartened up and although they are not at the level of Neymar in terms of simulation, they know how to play cute and win set-plays in key areas of the pitch.

So much so, they have won (and scored) 3 penalties in 5 games outside of their penalty win over Columbia.

BetSharper’s Money Maker prediction is for England to score a penalty. The most recent bookmaker odds on England to score a penalty are giving great value. Placing a $10 bet on this outcome will net you $80!

Croatia vs England - The Money Maker prediction$80 returns in your pocket, and World Cup now left with only massive games, life is good:) Kudos for using your new source of sharp advice (BetSharper), to win big.

Croatia vs England Odds & Predictions

We at BetSharper hope our sharp indicators on this game will help you predict the outcome of Croatia vs England. And that you use our sharp handicapping skills to power your World Cup wagering. By forecasting the victors and beating your bookmaker to that cash payout.

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