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Finally. The NFL is back with us! Each year, more Stateside and global fans tune in to see the top NFL sides battle it out for the biggest prizes in sports. To become the Superbowl Champions!  Watch on as the Falcons and Eagles battle it out for the ultimate prize. And of course, BetSharper is here to give you some free expert sports-betting advice. Read on to find out how you can play Falcons at Eagles Odds to predict the game outcome. And beat your bookmaker.

Falcons at Eagles Chance of Winning

The Eagles (and the entire city of Philadelphia) are still on a high following their Superbowl triumph against the Patriots back in February. This Philadelphia team has few if any weaknesses across it’s roster. The biggest question mark going into this season is the health of QB Carson Wentz. But unlike most teams, the Eagles do have the reigning Super Bowl MVP as a very well qualified backup!

The Falcons of course had a less successful season. It ended against you-know-who (them pesky Eagles!) in the divisional round. The Falcons have an immediate chance to right that wrong with a season-opening prime-time showdown with the Eagles on Thursday, Sept. 6.

To do this, the Falcons need to discover consistency on offense. They need to keep building on defense and find a way to avoid special-teams mistakes. But the size of the prize is big. A road win against the defending champions would be an outstanding start to this NFL season.

So how are the chance of winning stats looking?

Falcons at Eagles - BetSharper Chance of Winning Match Infographic

Clearly, the Eagles are heavy favorites in this one. The Eagles are defending champions. They beat the Falcons this calendar year and have their first start QB coming back from long term injury. But let’s not forget the Falcons first half form in the previous game. Would Falcons fans consider this a massive upset?

And speaking of fans of this matchup:

Someone is looking forward to this rematch so much, they dusted down some Photoshop!:) Now, back to BetSharper predictions.

Falcons at Eagles – The Banker

The Falcons proved they have what it takes to play powerful, consistent football last year. They know how to beat the Falcons and Wentz coming back is like adding a new top-tier player to their roster. The Falcons also know how to win game one of the season, having won in 16 and 17.

This is why BetSharper expects placing a bet on the Falcons to Win should result in the best chance of a winning cash.

And the most recent bookmaker odds on ‘Falcons to Win‘ seem to be giving away solid value. Placing a $10 bet on this banker, will return you $15!

Falcons at Eagles - BetSharper The Banker PredictionFor those looking to balance risk and reward, wagering as little as $10 can help you build your bankroll for this NFL season!

Falcons at Eagles – The Money Maker

However, if you watch the highlights from earlier this year, the Falcon’s had their chances. This is a good team that will gain offense consistency now that Matt Ryan and Steve Sarkisian have had an entire season to gel. A repeat performance with the Falcons winning the first half, and the Eagles using home advantage to win the game outright doesn’t seem like an outsider bet.

This is why BetSharper’s Money Maker prediction is for the Falcons to win the first half and for the Eagles to win the gameThe most recent bookmaker odds on Falcons – 1st Half and Eagles to Win Outright are giving great value. Placing a $10 bet on this outcome will net you $68!

Falcons at Eagles - BetSharper The Money Maker Prediction$68 returns in your pocket, and months of football in front of you. The TV is your new best friend (again)!:) Kudos for using your new source of sharp advice (BetSharper), to win big.

Falcons at Eagles Odds & Predictions

We at BetSharper hope our sharp indicators on this game will help you predict the outcome of Falcons at Eagles. And that you use our sharp handicapping skills to power your NFL wagering. By forecasting the victors and beating your bookmaker to that cash payout.

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