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It’s the World Cup Semi Final phase and the world is watching as the Europeans battle it out for supremacy.  Settle in as the next installment of the Europe vs Europe shootout commences with France looking to take out Belgium. And the prize for the winner? A slot in the World Cup Final! And of course, BetSharper is here to give you some free expert betting advice. Read on to find out how you can play France vs Belgium odds to predict the game outcome. And beat your bookmaker.

France vs Belgium Chance of Winning

The Belgian’s are fresh and energized after knocking out an impressive Brazilian side. Facing them are the powerful French side as two of Europe’s heavyweights meet in Saint Petersburg for a place in the World Cup final.

The power of the European nations are demonstrated by all semi-finalists hailing from that continent. And at the time of writing, with England and Croatia on the other side of the draw, the victors of Saturday’s semi-final between Red Devils and Les Bleus will be considered favorites to win the biggest prize of them all, the World Cup.

So how are the game stats looking?  France vs Belgium - Chance of Winning Match Infographics

Those win stats line up with what you expect at the later stages of the tournament. The best teams remain so the margins between the teams are becoming smaller.

And as you can see, the French carry the statistical edge but it is not an overwhelming edge. Defeating Brazil gave Belgium kudos both from the general public (goodbye Neymar!) and the number crunchers!

And speaking of Neymar, fancy a #rolling compilation?

The wall to wall coverage of Neymar memes has almost made it worthwhile watching the King of Theatrics, almost! But back to the semi-final…….

France vs Belgium – The Banker

France has a small statistical advantage running into this game but Belgium has shown more in this championship. With world class players on both sides, this has been the toughest World Cup game to date for BetSharper to predict on.

This is why BetSharper expects placing a bet on both teams to score should result in the best chance of a win.

And the most recent bookmaker odds on ‘both teams to score‘ seem to be giving away great value. Placing a $10 bet on this banker, will return you $19.09.

France vs Belgium - The Banker PredictionFor those looking to balance risk and reward, wagering as little as $10 can help you build your bankroll for the later stages of the tournament.

France vs Belgium – The Money Maker

BetSharper re-watched the Brazil Belgium game and again, marveled at the performance of Romelu Lukaku. The power, energy and precision of his game play made the difference as he harried a Brazil defense that up to that game, had looked dominant.

Will Lukaku last 90 mins? Perhaps not, throwing 207 pounds around the pitch for the full game is too much to ask at the end of a long, energy-sapping season. However, he has scored 4 in 5 during this World Cup so far.

BetSharper’s Money Maker prediction is for Lukaku to score first. The most recent bookmaker odds on Lukaku to score first are giving great value. Placing a $10 bet on this outcome will net you $55!

France vs Belgium - The Money Maker Prediction$55 returns in your pocket, and World Cup now left with only massive games, life is good:) Kudos for using your new source of sharp advice (BetSharper), to win big.

France vs Belgium Odds & Predictions

We at BetSharper hope our sharp indicators on this game will help you predict the outcome of France vs Belgium. And that you use our sharp handicapping skills to power your World Cup wagering. By forecasting the victors and beating your bookmaker to that cash payout.

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