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It’s almost World Cup time and that means it’s time to focus on the mouth watering matchups (and money making opportunities) that await us in Russia. We at BetSharper love sports, and sports betting, so writing sharp advice on Germany vs Mexico sports bet opportunities is almost as fun as watching the game itself. Almost:)

Read on to find out how which type of Germany vs Mexico sports bet works best for you, and your pocketbook.

Germany vs Mexico Form

Check out the form guide below. Germans on the slide? Not a chance. The Germans were 10 for 10 as they romped through their qualification group. They are second favorites to win the tournament ($10 to win $45) and hammered the Mexicans on the way to winning the warm-up tournament to the World Cup, the Confederations Cup.

To BetSharper, the form guide reflects classic German efficiency. Don’t waste energy during friendlies, but peak strongly when the prizes are handed out. There is no bigger prize than the World Cup and setting a marker against Mexico will be on German minds 17th of June.

The Mexicans however are no cannon fodder. Mexico powered their way through qualifying undefeated and always find a way to make it out of the group stages, a feat they have managed in each World Cup since 1990.

And with players like PSV’s rising star Hirving “Chucky” Lozano and Carlos Vela, performing strongly since his move to the MLS, they have the firepower to do some damage against the Germans.

Germany vs Mexico Sports Bet Form

And speaking of Carlos Vela, not only has his game improved on the field since moving to the US, his media game is on the up with ESPN promoting Mexican hopes before the big game.  But enough about the media, let’s get to the betting opportunities.

Germany vs Mexico – The Banker

Both teams score for fun, 21 in a combined last 12 games. However, they are also both expansive and do give chances away. Combined they have allowed 13 in last 12 games. Given a lack of dull 0 – 0’s involving these two, we at BetSharper feel this game is a great opportunity to bet on both sides to score.

Using the most recent bookmaker odds, placing a $10 bet on both teams to score, will net you $10.50 in profit, with a total return of $20.50. Not bad for avoiding a 0 – 0 borefest!

Germany vs Mexico Sports Bet - The Banker For those looking to balance risk and reward, wagering as little as $10, but can help you build your bankroll for the tournament to come.

Germany vs Mexico – The Money Maker

But of course, some may want to go for a bigger payout, and for the ambitious among you, we bring our Money Maker prediction.

Last summer the Germans comfortably defeated the Mexicans in a 4 – 1 win. If history repeats itself, $10 wagered on an exact final score of 4 to 1 in favor of the Germans will net you $220!

Germany vs Mexico Sports Bet - The Money Maker $220 isn’t quite deposit money for a BMW, but if will start your tournament off with a bookmaker bashing blast! And kudos for using your new source of sharp advice (BetSharper), to win big.

Bet Germany vs Mexico – Predictions

We at BetSharper hope our sharp indicators on this game will help you predict the outcome of Germany vs Mexico. And that you use our sharp handicapping skills to start your wagering World Cup in style. By forecasting the victors and beating your bookmaker to that cash payout.

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