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Finally! Thanks to the repeal of an outdated federal law, legal sports wagering is coming to a state near you. We are weeks away from sports betting made simple.

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And with it, the opportunity to place real money bets against proper sportsbooks in a casino, or if you live in specific states, on mobile too.

What will this mean for Sports Bettors?

If you travel to bet sports in Vegas, used a ‘gray market’ offshore bookmaker or a local bookie, chances are, sports betting is about to get way more convenient. Given the size of the US, if your state legalized sports betting, you are likely to have multiple bookmakers to wager legally with. Getting money in and out will be simpler, there will be a world of sports to bet on day 1 and, as you already know how to bet, you can get moving, quickly.

And of course, the entire sports wagering industry should be excited about giving existing bettors legal options. But we also tend to overlook an important fact – not everyone knows how to sports bet.

Sports Betting in the USA – a lesson in complexity

As any sports bettor who has placed their first ever bet in a Vegas Sportsbook will tell you, Vegas does a wonderful job in making it tough to get your bet off. Not only do we throw numbers, abbreviations and statistics at you, we even make you memorize game numbers needed to place a bet. Sports betting made simple? Not so much.

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And the online books are not much better with a confusing mess of information you are expected to navigate before placing your bet. Between this, and the lack of a legal option in most states, it’s no wonder a significant percentage of sports fans here in the US don’t know how to place a sports bet.

So how do I start sports betting?

That’s where we come in. BetSharper was created to help people who love sports bet with confidence, and have the best chance of wining money. We do this by creating easy-to-read ‘how to’ guides on everything sports related.

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This includes explaining how sports betting differs across sports. We will also help you focus on the key game changing factors when researching betting on an individual sporting event. And finally, we have also created useful guides to explain the sports wagering opportunities available for your state.

But why listen to BetSharper?

BetSharper is staffed with former ‘insiders’ – people who have worked for years in traditional sportsbooks and witnessed the difficult journey real sports fans had to take to learn sports betting. We are passionate about helping new sports bettors make sharper, more informed decisions.

Of course, BetSharper will include adverts for legal sportsbooks. However, our editorial guidelines are rock solid. Advice and/or how-to guides are created by BetSharper – for you. They will always be completely independently of sportsbooks. We understand the importance this independence has on gaining trust. We commit to never compromise the integrity of BetSharper.

Enough about BetSharper, there are lots of new sporting events coming up, and an ever growing BetSharper community needs our help…….


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