About BetSharper

About BetSharper.


Now that legal sports wagering is coming to a state near year (or may already be here!) a generation of US based sports fans are finally going to have the legal opportunity to place sports bets. BetSharper was founded by former Las Vegas sportsbook operators who understand that traditional sportsbooks can be confusing, or downright intimidating.

BetSharper seeks to be different.

We have access to the same data bookmakers use to make decisions, but convert this data into easy-to-read, practical guides on how to bet on different sports, bet types or on individual events. Our goal is to help you feel more informed and confident prior to placing a bet, and at the same time, avoid bamboozling you with wise-guy-geek-speak – nothing more, nothing less.

Want to debate some of our researched picks? Great, we like your style! Jump onto our Twitter feed or our Facebook page for some good natured banter but bring your ‘A-Game‘, the BetSharper team are staffed by fans who give as good as they get:)

In the spirit of full transparency, much as we would love to do this for free, we need to earn to pay the cable bills that help us watch 24-by-7 sports. BetSharper needs to earn! BetSharper will therefore present links to sports betting sites on our site that we consider will give you more options to place a bet.

If you sign-up as a result of clicking a link, BetSharper may well get a referral fee from that site. Please be assured that all links will be vetted prior to publishing to ensure the sites are legit and of course, all BetSharper content is produced independent of the bookmakers. We understand it is important to both remain impartial and, be seen to be impartial.

We appreciate you taking the time to found out more about BetSharper and we hope to continue to help guide, influence and educate sports bettors as they seek to spice up sports events, and beat the bookmakers with sharp plays.